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AirFresh - Manufacturer of Car Fresheners

We offer a wide range of perfume accessories for your car

Our business profile

AirFresh Company is a Polish manufacturer of car fresheners.
We offer fragrances in liquid, perfume necklaces and paper air fresheners. We also offer other cosmetics and car accessories.

Our priority is customer satisfaction, which is why our products are top quality.

We try to keep up with consumer needs, create innovative products and enter new markets.

Our products

For the sake of perfection, each product must meet several requirements. By creating the graphic design we take care of even the smallest detail.

Our offer is designed with great care, taking into account current market conditions, changes in product and promotion.

The continuous introduction of positive change that makes every day we become better and more competitive. As a manufacturer of car scents we are able to produce limited editions of car fragrances for individual customer needs.

We offer several types of diffuser and tens fragrances which can satisfy every taste.

For the production of fragrances we use essential oils that come from the world renowned Swiss company Givaudan.

Our products are distinguished by quality, competitive price and colorful, eye-catching graphics.

Our goal

The aim of our company is its dynamic growth. We assure you that our cooperation is not only a business negotiation, but also the pleasure and satisfaction.

Chosen Scents


Feel the refreshing scent of lemon in your car.


New car fragrance is the smell of newly bought car.

New car

Ocean fragrance provides pleasant and fresh smell.

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www.airfresh.pl - Manufacturer of Car Fresheners

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www.airfresh.pl - Manufacturer of Car Fresheners

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www.airfresh.pl - Manufacturer of Car Fresheners

Other products

Learn more about our wide range of products. Our offer:

  • Standard Collection
  • Blister Collection
  • Perfume necklace
  • Perfume pendants with logo or emblem chosen by a customer

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