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Our experience in the production of liquid smells for car grill allowed us to expand our company as well as the range of services including paper air fresheners.

Paper Air Fresheners

Paper air fresheners are one of the most popular gadgets. This is an excellent and inexpensive form of promotion for any company.

With these pleasantly scented gadgets, your company will make a lasting impression in the memory of every customer.

As a manufacturer of car scents, we are able to create paper air fresheners by each model, according to what the customer wants.

Print method

  • offset printing, full color
  • printing directly on white 2mm cellulose paper
  • double-sided printing


  • can use different scents in one order
  • each paper air freshener has 2 ml scent (long lasting)


  • can choose different free of charge shapes
  • we can make any shape according to client requirement

Available fragrances

  • vanilla, new car, ocean, lavender
  • strawberry, lemon, citrus, peach
  • grapefruit, coconut, pineapple, spring fresh, winter fresh
  • cool water, black ice, forest fruits, berry, pine
  • forest, green apple, cinnamon, mint, lilac
  • rose, lily, jasmine

Delivery time

1000 pieces: up to 10 working days

Production time:

about 3-14 days (depends on quantity)

Available scents

perfumed scents (One million, Invictus, Si Armani, Lacoste Challenge, Electra), vanilla, new car, lemon, grapefruit, black, tropical breeze, ocean, strawberry, forest, spring fresh, cool water, black ice and others...


color elastic band or plastic hook for each paper air fresheners

paper air fresheners are packed in thick barrier foil

price for cardboard paper packing (optional)

Our sample projects

paper air freshener
paper air freshener
Korona Kielce
paper air freshener
paper air freshener
Real Madrid
paper air freshener

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