The AIRFRESH Sp. z o.o. company is implementing a project entitled "Conducting R&D works to develop a new technology and product", No. POIR.02.03.02-26-0032/20-00.

The project is implemented under Priority Axis 2 Support for the environment and potential of enterprises to conduct R&D&I activity, Measure 2.3 Pro-innovative services for enterprises, Sub-measure 2.3.2 Innovation vouchers for SMEs. The aim of the project is to carry out research and development works at the AIFRESH ARTUR PIOTROWSKI company, the scope of which will concern the possibility of increasing the durability of plywood that will be used for the production of fragrances, as well as determining the impact of production technology on the durability of plywood. As part of the project in question, R&D works will be carried out, the results of which the Applicant plans to implement in the company in the form of optimal production for making products with new features. Developing innovative solutions in the field of technology and product through research will constitute product and process innovation in the Applicant's company. Carrying out R&D works will enrich the company with new, broader technological knowledge in the field of durability of materials, methods of protection and processing. The product that will be implemented by the Applicant will be a car fragrance made of plywood. The developed products will be characterized by high repeatability, precision and high quality. These features will be achieved by optimizing and supplementing the production process based on the results of R&D works. New features and functionalities that the product will gain will be a response to the expectations of recipients. 

The implementation of the results of R&D works by the Applicant will translate into the expansion of sales markets both in Poland and abroad. The introduction of a product with new features, as well as the optimization of the process of its production, will significantly increase the innovativeness and competitiveness of the Applicant's company. The effect of the actions taken by the Applicant will be:

- enriched sales offer of the company,

- modernized, optimized production process,

- the Applicant's company will gain new sales markets both in the country and abroad,

- the company's revenues from the sale of products will increase

- the possibilities of investing in innovative solutions in the company for the future will increase.


Project value: PLN 74,641.30

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 51,581.40

The planned project implementation period: July 1, 2021 - January 30, 2022.



AirFresh Sp. z o. o. implements the project:


"Implementation of the internationalization business model at AirFresh to expand export business."


under the Eastern Poland Operational Program for 2014-2020, Priority Axis I Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland Action 1.2 Internationalization of SMEs


Objective of the project: The main objective of the project is to implement a new internationalization business model, the aim of which is to expand the company's export activities through expansion into 2 new foreign markets: English and French.


Project value: PLN 379,577.50

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 281,732.50

Project implemented in the period: 01/06/2022 - 31/08/2023